Have you crashed our party just for the food? Then c’mon in, you’re among friends! Let us introduce our Taste Team …

Umami.Life is like it’s name: all about catching your passion for flavor and sharing that with friends and family. For many years, I’ve wanted to create a food and wine lifestyle resource for both the novice and the umami, flavor-savvy. Through my 30+ years in the wine and spirits industry, I’ve made many connections, both near and far. In 2013, some long-time foodie/vino friends introduced me to Catherine Sansing. She encouraged me to chase my dreams. Now as my fiancée and the editor of Umami.Life, she’s helping me bring my experiences and dreams to reality. We hope you’ll make Umami.Life part of your life and join us on this fun ride!

Dale Blankenship
Founder/owner, Umami.Life

Dale Blankenship

Dale & Vine Dale Blankenship’s passion for food and wine chemistry grew out of his childhood abroad in a military family and his mother’s cooking of the local comfort dishes. Living beyond the borders of the American mainstream, Dale was immersed in European and Asian cuisines throughout his childhood and teenage years. Those cultural influences led him to a career in the wine and spirits industry where 30+ years of exposure to exceptional dish creations, wine and top chefs has helped him refine his own cooking — creating a fusion of traditional comfort foods, Southwest, French, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern flavors. A longtime resident of the San Antonio area, Dale regularly shares his culinary creations with his local family and friends.

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition Judge 2013 – 2020 & Grand Champion Judge 2016

Catherine Sansing

Catherine Sansing, editor of Umami.Life, has a personal interest in nutrition-based health and wellness due to her own health cat head shotissues. Diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) over 25 years ago, she sought to inform herself in a time when mainstream medical professionals did not recognize or understand the condition. Also a lifelong migraine headache sufferer, she found nutrition-based alternatives to daily medications. In 2010, Catherine’s husband of 23 years was diagnosed with two brain tumors of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) — the highest grade of the most aggressive form of brain tumors. GBM has a two-year survival rate of less than 3%. Reading through books and internet sources, she began a new foray into understanding factors influencing the growth of cancer. Her husband died less than six months later. Catherine graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Journalism.

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