Wine lists haven’t changed much since man began writing on vellum and papyrus. So Umami.Life co-creator Catherine Sansing and I asked ourselves how we could build a better mousetrap, as they say. The result is our Pro Wine Guide, which combines my 30+ years of domain expertise in wine knowledge with cloud-based technology and powerful smart devices to help consumers quickly select wines just as I would.

Pro Wine Guide ( combines expert wine knowledge with a restaurant’s wine list in an online format customized to the dining venue’s brand identity. Customers may browse the wine list by category or through our proprietary wine pairing program that quickly guides them through the wine selection process. If necessary, the wait staff can follow up with a question or two, then easily pinpoint a perfect wine selection.

This week, I had the opportunity to introduce Pro Wine Guide and some excellent Texas wines on News4 San Antonio‘s daytime program San Antonio Living.  Take a look at the segment:

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Visit and click on the button “What is Pro Wine Guide” to view a short video for more information. If you’re a restaurant owner and would like to know how your business can get started with PWG, email us at

— Dale Blankenship