Thai cuisine is truly a complex layered symphony of flavor chemistry like none other. It satisfies a well-traveled palate on so many levels: the notes of sweet, rich coconut cream, sour and salty fish sauce along with spicy chilies create harmony. The beauty of stir-frying is that everything comes together quickly, but it requires having all ingredients prepped and ready to roll — the French cooking term is mise en place. Preparation is key to success. These recipes are always a hit and rarely are there any leftovers.

(Faux) Shrimp Toast

Thai-Style Butternut Squash Soup

Dale’s Umami Thai Thighs
Beef Panang


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As vivacious as Doris Day, these wines may be sparkling, white or rosé, but are always on the lighter and brighter end of the spectrum and never feature oaky flavors. These tangy wines of refreshment make ideal aperitifs and are remarkably versatile food partners.

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As voluptuous as Marilyn Monroe, these heavier whites are richer in texture, thanks to riper fruit and most also feature the added flavor complexity of new oak. Almost all of these opulent wines are quite dry and fermented in oak barrels, but a handful are lusciously- sweet late-harvested dessert wines.

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