Kick off a weekend with family and friends Aloha Friday style!  Serve up popular combinations of Asian dishes for which you would be paying a Franklin or more in most restaurants.  Everyone can participate in preparing this family-style meal.  Each guest contributes ingredients for a dish from the menu and brings a wine to match.  Don’t forget to add your favorite heat level to any of these recipes.

Dello Macho Miso Soup

(Faux) Shrimp Toast

Umami Lettuce Wraps

Crazy Good Noodle Stir Fry

Suggested Wines:


As vivacious as Doris Day, these wines may be sparkling, white or rosé, but are always on the lighter and brighter end of the spectrum and never feature oaky flavors. These tangy wines of refreshment make ideal aperitifs and are remarkably versatile food partners.

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As voluptuous as Marilyn Monroe, these heavier whites are richer in texture, thanks to riper fruit and most also feature the added flavor complexity of new oak. Almost all of these opulent wines are quite dry and fermented in oak barrels, but a handful are lusciously- sweet late-harvested dessert wines.

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Postscript: Cooking and entertaining with friends means that you should be alert to ingredients that commonly cause food-related health issues. One such ingredient, monosodium glutamate (MSG), is a trigger food for those who suffer from migraine headaches. It’s widely used in many Asian sauces — both bottled and powdered forms. Read all labels carefully and avoid items with MSG. You may need to check your local Asian ethnic market or a health-conscious food store for MSG-free versions. ~ Cat

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