Q: I have a wine specialist on staff.

Why does my restaurant need ProWine Guide?

A: The engaging interactive ProWine Guide (prowineguide.com) format combines a dining venue’s wine list and brand identity with the expertise of an in-house wine specialist working alongside every staff member — every hour of every business day. ProWine Guide helps fill the knowledge gap for your customers and wait staff, alike. Our proprietary program empowers the customer to confidently begin the wine conversation or select wines that best suit their tastes and budgets. We combine domain expertise with cloud-based technology and powerful smart devices to help customers quickly select wines like a pro!

Q: My customers are already using apps for retail wine shopping that give ratings and reviews.

Why does my restaurant need ProWine Guide?

A: Unlike retail wine buying apps, ProWine Guide matches winery tech sheets and, when available, winery produced videos to your hand-selected wine list. No non-professional reviews or videos are used. We allow the winemaker or winery owner to speak directly to the customer at the point of sale, leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of the winemaking magic. Another benefit of ProWine Guide over apps for retail wine shopping is that customers are not distracted by retail pricing, thereby ending uncomfortable conversations between customers and staff regarding pricing differences.

Q: My staff is well-trained.

Why does my restaurant need ProWine Guide?

A: ProWine Guide never leaves you or takes a break. We’ve crafted this concept to be quick, easy to use, glanceable and uncomplicated. In other words, to put wine on the table in the shortest time possible by giving customers the information they need to trigger a buying decision. You decide which wines to feature based on your sales goals. ProWine Guide can be the golden 3rd-party recommendation helping your servers and wine specialists close more wine sales faster and leverage that extra time to focus on service and food sales. It’s the wine list that your customers want in their hands.

ProWine Guide is uniquely positioned to focus on your needs. There’s no expensive app for you to develop, test and maintain. Fast response from a cloud-based platform allows your customers to connect via their own smartphone or your in-house smart device using URL links or a QR code.

Ask about our try-before-you-buy introductory special and early adopter pricing!

Visit prowineguide.com and click on the button “What is ProWine Guide” to view a short introductory video. Contact us at info@prowineguide.com to move your wine list into the cloud!